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Statement of Faith

Love God. Love People. Period.

Statement of Faith

The Bible is our final authority in matters of faith and practice. Therefore, our Statement of Faith reflects our best attempt to express what we believe, and how we are to live out that faith. The understanding that the Kingdom of God is the integrating motif of our understanding of the story of God, the Bible and our theology has influenced the structure of this document. From beginning to end, this Statement of Faith reflects our understanding that biblical theology is eschatological in nature and this eschatological dimension is expressed in terms of the Kingdom of God.


Theological & Philosophical Statements

This paper outlines and gives Biblical support for the Vineyard movement’s mission, purposes, values, priorities, practices and leadership requirements.

Women in Leadership

How to Decide What the Bible Teaches

This paper is by Rich Nathan, who is the Senior Pastor of the Columbus Vineyard in Columbus, Ohio. God has used Rich to share the heart of the Father about women in leadership. Rich lays out the biblical argument for why we allow women in leadership roles at the Iron Range Vineyard Church. (www.vineyardcolumbus.org)